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“Women of Color Makeup Tips”

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Most often women of color meaning anyone with a tan-to dark complexions end up getting bad advice in the makeup department. Being a women of color and shopping for great makeup products can be a very hard and long process but follow these tips to get a flawless complexion.


Titiaum Dioxide

The number 1 problem with finding a good shade that matches your complexion is because of Titanium dioxide. Titanium is a great source of getting SPF in your makeup or face creams, but it can make women of color appear to have an ashy tone to their complexion. Many makeup companies put Titanium dioxide in their makeup lines which makes makeup when applied to the face appear ashy and dry in color. The best way to advoid this problem is to look for makeup lines that don’t contain Titanium dioxide.
Also make sure that before applying your makeup that you are not using moisturizers that contain Titanium dioxide because this too can make your skin appear ashy. (if the product says may contain purchase these over the ones that use it as a main ingredient)

Finding the right Foundation for your complexion


Most women of color including Indian, Hispanics and African Americans have a yellow based tone to their skin. So always choose a foundation that has a yellow hue, not every women of color is like that so make sure you choose what is best for your complexion. Many makeup lines are realizing that women either have red or yellow hues. After washing your face wait 10-15 minutes before applying any toners or moisturizers. Then look in the mirror and you should see either red or yellow tones to your complexion. Which ever color stands out more is the foundation hue you should choose. Make sure there is no Titanium dioxide. Many makeup lines now have colors for women of color but be aware some of them maybe have Titanium dioxide. I hate to say this but Iman Titanium dioxide uses in her products. This includes product such as blushes and powders as well.

A Good Foundation for Women of Color

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation No. 90 - Chocolate
Great Blushes for Women of Color

The best blushes for women of color are ones that go with the complexion and look natural. Less is more when it comes to applying blush. Choose colors that are in the brown, bronze, tan, or red family depending on your tone. Use your best judgment. For more on finding the right blush for your skin click here.

A good Blush for women of color

NARS Blush Madly

Finding the Right Powder For Women of Color

Many African Americans naturally have more oil in their skin. Which is why the age slower than lighter skin. Most often the darker your skin the more oil is being produced. Which just means you’ll receive wrinkles much later than most women. In the mean time to achieve a Matt shine free complexion choose powders that are one shade than you would normally choose. Oil has a tendency to make your complexion look darker than it actually is. So if your oil production is high choose a color one shade lighter than your complexion.

Good powders for African Americans or Women of Color

BECCA Fine Loose Finishing Powder Cocoa
Widely regarded as the finest powder in the world, Becca Fine Loose Finishing Powder is unlike any other. This exclusive formulation is lightly pigmented and micro-milled, ensuring a perfectly uniform, ultra thin layer on the skin, allowing the skin’s natural oils to lightly shine through. The result ensures your foundation looks like real skin, with the added benefit of your makeup staying on all day.


Eyebrow Shaping Techniques


“Celebrity Eyebrows”

How to properly fill in your brows

(the pic shows a women’s before and after of her eyebrows being filled in)
Everyone loves to look at eyebrows hoping that they can achieve the same look. The question is how celebrities get their eyebrows to look so stunning? Besides the fact that they get their eyebrows arched regularly almost on a daily basis they have wonderful makeup artists who know how to fill in sparse spaces of the eyebrow correctly.

Its okay to fill in your eyebrows, according to most makeup artists almost every woman needs to fill in her brows as part of her beauty routine. One makeup artist claims that every model, every actress he works with has her eyebrows filled in. the reasons being women don’t have eyebrows like men. Women are born with sparse eyebrows with far less hair than men’s, why because men are naturally hairier. Most women also have a tendency to over tweeze their eyebrows in the process of shaping them. (Refer to my how to tweeze the proper way for more tweezing tips)

The best way to fill in eyebrows
1.First things first pick out a pencil and powder shade. In order to create perfect eyebrows you need to best supplies, this includes an angled brush, pencil, powder, and a clean mascara brush. Always use a pencil with a soft lead otherwise your eyebrows can look harsh and unnatural. Pick a color that is a shade lighter you’re your brows and a powder that matches your eyebrow hair. If you find you eyebrows are really fair go with a shade darker than your hair for your pencil. Because pencils and powders stick to the skin and not the hair you will want to shade in the skin where the hair should be.

2.Always make sure you face is clean and your eyebrows are nicely tweezed before filling them in. if they aren’t tweezed your may end up filling in hairs that need to be plucked and your eyebrows can look messy. By using the mascara want comb out your brows and look for the sparse spots that need to be filled.

3.Next grab your pencil and fill in the sparse hairs using a soft feathery stroking motion with your hand. Remember less is more. Make sure that you apply the strokes in the direction your hair grows. You want to create the appearance of hair not definite lines, so don’t pencil in the whole brow because you want your eyebrows to look natural.

4.Then you want to use your brow powder, simply dip the angle brush in the powder and brush it along the brows. It will stick to the pencil so that you can blend the colors perfectly. If you want to be sure your powder will stick you can wet the brush a little before putting it in the powder.

5.Two colors are always better than one when it comes to filling in the brow. Why because it looks more natural and examine your eyebrow… do you have one color of you hair on your natural brow? You can use a lighter powder where the brows are the thickest and a darker one for the tail ends.

Other Eyebrow Advice
1.Rogaine can actually help your eyebrows grow faster, so if you’re concerned that you tweezed too much buy some Rogaine. You can purchase the men’s or the women’s.
2.Make sure you eyebrows are shaped by a pro at least every four weeks, you can do some clean ups in-between with a tweezers.
3.eyebrows can take a few months up to a couple of years for hair to grow back if you’ve over tweezed so always take your time and watch what you’re doing.


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