Monday, June 23, 2008

Katie Holmes summer Hairstyle 2008

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Chic n stylish, this is what you can describe any of Katie Holmes’s hairstyle. She has straight hair, so she prefers keeping it simple yet charming, a chin length bob cut, and a subtle flip give Katie Holmes the cute n sexy look. Katie Holmes has shown how to create wonderful hairstyle with small but straight hair. The hairstyle does not need a lot of maintenance and you are ready within minutes.

Katie Holmes’s straight hair has been used to its utmost benefit in this hairstyle, the bob look gives her a younger look at the same time she looks both sexy and naughty in this hairstyle. Katie Holmes hairstyle can be tried out by any teenager who wants to look chic. Katie Holmes hairstyle can be tried out by girls who have straight or slightly wavy hair. Look and feel sensuous and young with the Katie Holmes hairstyle.

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