Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hairstyle Photos - - Best & Worst Haircuts for Long Face Shapes

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By Julyne Derrick,

What works for your long face type? Several looks work for you. If you have straight hair, you can create more width with bangs. Chin-length bobs and cuts are also ideal for you because they create the illusion of width. Curls & waves also add width, but avoid short layers that add volume on top. Bangs make your face appear shorter because they cover up a particularly large forehead. Shy away from blunt bangs & go for sideswept bangs like Hilary Duff (see picture).

Avoid: Stay away from extremely long or short cuts. These elongate your face.

Layered Cuts Work Great for Long Face Shapes

The layering makes a thin, long face appear wider.

The Layered Look - - Perfect for Long Face Types

Layers work well -- again, because they give that illusion of a wider face. If you like long hair, go for it. Just don't go TOO long (you'll see what I mean in a minute).

Longer Bob - - Great for Thick, Straight Hair

The whole cut makes any face appear fuller.

Brown, Sexy Bob - - A Great Haircut for Long Faces

Any bob that comes to your chin is perfect for a long face.

Photo Gallery - - Bad Haircuts for Long Face Shapes

You don't want to let your hair grow too long if you have a long face shape. Why? It makes your long face look EXTRA long.

Best Haircuts for Long Faces - - Short is Good, but Go 'Good Short'

Short hair on a long face works well because it allows the eyes to pop & takes attention away from hair length. However, you want to avoid a fluffy top which, like long hair, just adds more length to your whole appearance. Instead, focus on a short look with width, like this great cut.

Don't Want to Sacrifice Length? Add Width With Curls

Here's a favorite trick of mine. If you love long locks, but have a long face, then curl your hair. The body adds width. Spritz hair with setting spray & wind sections of hair around the barrel of a medium-sized curling iron.

Want to Keep the Length? Easy. Just Add Bangs

This layered bob works great for a long face type.

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