Saturday, June 21, 2008

Makeup : Easy Makeover

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Olive Skin
Use a tinted moisturizer instead of regular moisturizer but if you have dry skin you use tinted one at the top. To conceal your dark under eye circles. Use a yellow-toned concealer to blend nicely and cover it with a loose powder. Apply powder on your forehead and other shiny part of your face. Use a sheer, berry or plum color lipstick on your lips. You will sure look great.

Fair Skin
Use a moisturizer and foundation with SPF 15. They will protect your skin against the sun. Apply translucent powder to set your foundation. Then stroke peach blush on your cheeks. You can use the same one to line your eyelids too. Apply extra coat of mascara and use a sheer red lipstick for a quick finish.

Rosy Skin
Cover your blemishes and your uneven skin tones with a concealer same shade with your skin. Then apply a berry shade liquid gel blush with your fingers on your cheeks. Put on brown mascara onto your upper and lower lashes. Before applying your lipstick use a tinted balm but if you have rosy lips, apply clear gloss.

Dark Skin
Use an oil free makeup. Apply foundation using your fingers or sponge. Use a powder that will match your skin to set the foundation. Then a stroke of brownish red blush will look great on you. Finish it with a coffee or copper colored lip gloss on lips.

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