Saturday, June 21, 2008

Do-It-Yourself Guide to Planning the Perfect Wedding

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Finally a practical wedding planning guide any bride can use to plan the day of her dreams! No longer will you feel alone and overwhelmed by the many details and choices available for planning your wedding. This course offers timelines and checklists to keep you organized, details about etiquette, and tips to save you time and money. The best thing about this guide is that you will be able to ask questions and share information with fellow brides and grooms to be. Don't stress alone over planning your big day!

Lesson 1: After You Say Yes . . .

Saying "Yes!" is the easy part, but planning your wedding can be fun. Start the ball rolling by sharing the news, making some key decisions, and developing a wedding budget.

Lesson 2: Setting the Date, Managing Timelines, Handling Legal Details

Planning an event as large as a wedding does take some time. Find out how to set reasonable timelines that will take you from now through your honeymoon and beyond.

Lesson 3: What Kind of Wedding Do You Want?

Now it's time to brainstorm about the stuff dreams are made of: the ceremony itself, and the style of the overall wedding.

Lesson 4: The Guest List, Invitations, and Gift Registries

This lesson is all about making lists. You'll learn etiquette and tips for compiling your guest list, designing and creating your invitations, and deciding where to register for gifts.

Lesson 5: Food, Music, Flowers, and Pictures

Throwing a wedding requires you to form partnerships with a variety of service providers. This lesson looks at managing the business end of your wedding: hiring caterers, florists, musicians, and photographers.

Lesson 6: The Main Cast

While the bride and groom are the focus of the wedding, a collection of attendants makes the wedding party complete. This lesson covers the roles and responsibilities for everyone in your wedding party.

Lesson 7: The Ceremony

Finally, after months of planning, the moment you've been waiting for is here: your wedding day. In this lesson you run through details of a traditional ceremony and plan your own unique one.

Lesson 8: The Reception and Beyond

You've worked hard at finding a reception site, choosing the food, music, and perfecting every detail. Finally -- it's party time!

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