Friday, June 27, 2008

Coffee, tea...or milk?

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Find out which one helps with weight goals.

By Dairy Farmers of Canada

Coffee, tea...or milk?
People often plan their food choices for the day but they don't always think about what they're drinking. And they should.

While water is important to health, research shows that beverages supply 14 to 18% of our calories every day, says registered dietitian Lois Ferguson. "What that means is beverages can really add up and play an important part in achieving and maintaining your healthy weight."

What are you drinking?
It's a good idea to start thinking about the different beverages you drink during the day, says Lois. Water, tea and milk are all great choices, and milk specifically can help with healthy weight goals. "In fact, studies show that women who drink milk or milk-based beverages regularly tend to be leaner than women who don't."

How to drink more milk
"Adding more milk products to your diet is really quite easy, delicious and nutritious," says Lois.
• Start your day with a quick, great-tasting smoothie for breakfast.
• Always drink a glass of milk with your lunch.
• After you work out, get in the habit of recharging your energy with a carton of chocolate milk.

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Laura Elena said...

I don't really agree with the milk in a healthy diet. New studies discovered that lactose is pretty rough on you digestive system and above that, that calcium in milk is not really so well absorbed by the body as we thought it was.