Friday, January 9, 2009

Study shows grapeseed extract kills cancer cells

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recently reported on some amazing new research published in the Clinical Cancer Research journal. Researchers found that leukemia cancer cells could be killed off when exposed to grapeseed extract. The cells quickly died from apoptosis, or cell suicide. Scientists at the University of Kentucky conducted these lab studies where they were able to cause 76% of leukemia cells to “commit suicide” after the grapeseed extract was introduced.

Grapeseed extract seems to speed up the apoptosis process in leukemia cells, “helping them more rapidly assess their own flawed state so they can engage in apoptosis (cell suicide), thus protecting the larger organism (the body).” If researchers can eventually replicate these lab tests in people, “it could potentially position grapeseed extract as one of the most powerful natural chemotherapeutic agents yet discovered.”

If you want to try taking grapeseed extract for cancer prevention, it is available as a supplement. Or you can eat organic grapes with the seeds inside. As you know, most grocery stores don’t even carry seeded grapes anymore, but you need the seeds if you want the good benefits. Look for seeded grapes at a health food store and chew up the seeds before you swallow them. Check out the Natural News article for further information.

Taken From : China Daily

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