Monday, January 19, 2009

Cool and casual

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Casual wear is expected to be the biggest winner at this year's Chinese clothing industry awards, as it scooped nominations in the major categories announced this week.

The Oscars of the Chinese fashion world announced on Monday 26 nominees for the nine categories of best domestic brands of the year: Best Style, Best Quality, Best Planning, Best Innovation, Best Potentiality, Best Sale, Best Market Value, Best Public and Best Achievement awards. The nominations are proposed following polls of shopping malls in China and six months of detailed appraisals.

Chinese casual wear brands, Li Ning, Jeanswest and Meters Bonwe, make their marks, each of which won nominations for at least two categories. For instance, Li Ning, the Chinese sports brand founded by Chinese former gymnastic champion Li Ning, is nominated for the Best Planning and Best Market Value Awards. And Meters Bonwe, a popular brand among young people, was nominated for Best Market Value and Achievements.

Of the remaining honors, young women's wear brand JNBY gets a nomination for Best Style and Innovation, for its unique designs combining world fashion with Chinese cultural elements. Aimer, a women's lingerie label, was nominated for Best Public and Most Achievements thanks to its soaring business and leading role in the Chinese lingerie industry.

Since its launch in 2004, the Best Chinese Brands awards have become the most important event in the Chinese clothing industry calendar. According to the organizing committee, appraisal for this year's awards involved detailed investigations of about 100 shopping malls with annual sales of over 100 million yuan ($14.6 million) all over the country.

The top 100 list of Chinese enterprises with the highest sales and revenues was given by the National Commercial Information Center of China and the judging committee is made up of 102 fashion professionals and entrepreneurs.

Taken From : China Daily

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