Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sporting a new look

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Who says sportswear is only for exercise? It can also be sensual, rock and roll, and even ... theatrical.

Qiaodan, the leading fashion house in China, recently showed off its latest sportswear collection.

The show was a joyous fashion adventure, full of individuality and freedom. The new collection's highlight was a surprising and incongruous combination of colors and designs that are hybrids of ready-to-wear, lingerie, street fashion and active wear. Deliberately mismatching genres, underwear meets outerwear, seduction blends with street wear, and paradoxes confront each other to create a big range of looks and attitudes. Retro cuts of corsets girdles and push-ups are reinterpreted and updated; flounces, bows and frilly details create a dramatic cabaret look in sensual satin, transparent panels and luxurious lace.

A number of designs also showcased future trends combining technology with sensuality, such as feather-light garments with minimum construction, body-hugging garments with streamlined details and "no stitch" finishes. Chinese elements are also used, such as Peking opera faces printed on sports shoes.

"The essential link between the trends is body wear that is comfortable and innovative as well as with high-performance," said Meng Xianfang, the designing supervisor of the fashion house. According to Meng, for most people, sport is not their profession, but a healthy and trendy lifestyle to follow.

"Thus I am not interested in just making sportswear for competition's sake. My aim is to arouse people's interest in sports," he said, "because only when consumers cannot wait to exercise and show off their new sportswear can my designs be called successful."

Taken From : China Daily

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