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Scaly Problems: Psoriasis & Dandruff

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Stress has become the modern daily disease & apart from its effect on our body also seems to be one of the common factors for the scaly problems of the scalp like Psoriasis & Dandruff.


Psoriasis is the most common Scaly problem seen & it seems to be increasing. Both children & adult are affected but it is rare in children younger than three years. The scalp is a common site, but it can also affect skin on any part of the body. It affects about 2% of Caucasians. Psoriasis can give rise to psychological problems varying in degree depending on the sufferer’s mental attitude.


The typical patch of Psoriasis consists of silvery white scale on red inflamed skin. It varies a great deal in appearance from one individual to another. The three main features of patches are the shape, colour & scales. It starts with a small oval patch. The inflamed area is usually of uniform color, which varies from deep red to brown or even purple Thin, dry scales are always present but the extent of scaling varies considerably. Scratching away of the scales leads to easy bleeding, a sign of Psoriasis. Patches can occur in the crease behind the ears and in the ears themselves. The extent of psoriasis fluctuates a lot in an individual. Itching is not normally a feature. Hair loss can occur in association with Psoriasis. One type of Psoriasis – Psoriasis Guttata – is described as pinhead-size flat papules which enlarge and appear like ‘Drops of Water’ on the skin. Fingernails can show pitting (Pinprick holes) and may appear to have a brown tint or be separated from the nail bed.


Psoriasis is an auto immune problem. It can be triggered by events such as viral or bacterial infections, trauma or stress. Sufferers have a genetic predisposition for the problem but it still takes something to trigger psoriasis. Studies have indicated that psoriasis is worsened by smoking and by excessive alcohol intake.


Psoriasis can only be controlled. Treatments for scalp psoriasis include oral intake of L-tyrosine. In some cases, local applications of ointments or creams can be successful in clearing the scalp of the scaling if the treatment is thorough & applied daily. The ointments/creams usually contain 3% Tar & 3 to 9% Salicylic acid.

As Psoriasis is an auto-immune problem relaxation of the mind with the help of Yoga – meditation goes a long way in helping the control of this highly embarrassing scalp disorder.


The term Dandruff or what is medically referred to, as pityriasis
simplex, is the name given to an annoying scalp condition characterized by an itchy and flaky scalp. Of course, most of us fail to notice it in the initial stages or merely ignore it, and hence we are faced with a condition that becomes increasingly difficult to deal with.

What exactly leads to the Dandruff Problem?

Overactive sebaceous glands cause an increase in the natural skin shedding process, while the clogged oil glands lead to over-drying and flaking of the scalp. Researchers also suggest that Dandruff and its cousin seborrheic dermatitis may be triggered off by too much of a yeast-like microorganism normally found in small amount on a healthy scalp called

A number of factors may augment a Dandruff condition:

a) Poor Scalp Hygiene which includes infrequent cleansing of the. hair. Frequent shampooing but inadequate rinsing and excessive use of a hot hair dryer (which also causes contact dermatitis), aggravates Dandruff.

b) If you are a follower of the latest fads and fashion changes, you could be aggravating a Dandruff problem. Excessive use of hairsprays and gels and improper use of hair coloring products can cause Dandruff. Tight fitting hats and scarves should be avoided as well.

c) A combination of cold weather, low humidity and dry indoor heat could explain persistent Dandruff.

d) Poor diet, food allergies, hormonal imbalances, and infections can all lead to Dandruff. There seems to be a tendency for it to run in families, which hints at a genetic disposition.

e) Dandruff may become worse with stress, the root cause of most health problems.

Dandruff Control

Nutrition can play a big part in controlling dandruff. To counteract the inefficient carbohydrates and fatty-acid metabolisation, which can cause dandruff, include plenty of B vitamins in your diet. Garlic and oil of oregano are also excellent for fighting dandruff.

Cleanse your hair everyday with a daily use formulated scalp cleanser or a shampoo. Harsh Shampoo strips the hair of natural oils. Brush your scalp carefully to loosen scales before shampooing.
If the problem persists, contact a Trichologist immediately.

Dr. Apoorva Shah is India’s First Certified Trichologist and the panelist at Richfeel Trichology Centre. For enquiries call 4615426 / 4616426 (Mohali) or 5016364 / 5075365 (Chandigarh) or log on to www.richfeel.com

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