Monday, July 7, 2008

Get Smart: Agent 99's Style

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A Nod to the Original
In Get Smart, Anne Hathaway plays Agent 99, partner to Maxwell Smart, played by Steve Carrell in this current adaptation of the hit '60s TV show. Costume designer Deborah Scott says, "Agent 99 is an updated version of what Barbara Feldon wore in the old show. It's fashion forward with a '60s base to it." She took inspiration from the big brands of the era, including Chanel. "There's a lot about Chanel that's timeless in terms of style and always fashionable." Here, 99 wears a Milly coat and carries a Chanel bag.

Under Control
After their spy operative, Control, is infiltrated, the employees take in the scene (and some extra damage incurred by Smart). Hathaway, here in a beautifully-tailored dress, was also involved in the costume process, says Scott. "We did a lot of fittings and she was really into it. We were very much in sync and had a good dialogue of how to make the pieces work," she says.

On Target
"Although we didn't use '60s clothes, we went back to that style," says Scott. "It's in the flavor of Courreges and Paco Rabanne. And then took a contemporary view of that." In this scene in a Russian factory run by the enemy agency, Kaos, the mod leather jacket (suitable spywear!) is from Tory Burch.

Fashion in Action
After a memorable dance scene, the spy team finds intriguing evidence. Creating a provocative, form-fitting dress that also worked in the action-packed sequence proved a challenge for Scott. "I had to make a high fashion dress that would work with the movement," says Scott, who succeeded in her mission by using slightly stretchy fabric that was topped off by a striking neck chain made of metal abalone and stone.

Girl Power

Agent 99 is the only woman on the team, so Scott felt that she needed to hold her own "with serious and strong lines" in her wardrobe, which included this coat from Karen Millen and pants made on-set. Again, the nod to mod and the ability to move are key in the pieces. After all, 99 needs to be looking good when she's saving the world.

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