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Cellulite Treatment

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What Is Cellulite

Cellulite is the condition in which the usual organic waste matter of the body that are also known as the poisons, accumulate in the body instead of being thrown out by the body.

What Is Cellulite
Actually cellulite is a defense reaction of the body. It defends other organs of the body by capturing the organic waste matters in a particular part of the body and not allowing it to spread in rest of the part of body.

The term cellulite is used for the cellular tissues, which are also called connective tissues.

The body collects the organic waste matter in the connective tissues.

And this accumulation of poisons in the body causes inflammation of the connective tissues in the body.
The most common of these poisons are -
  • Uric,
  • Lactic &
  • Oxalic acids
Normally the body through urine, sweat & bowels rejects these poisons or the organic waste matter.

But in the case of cellulitis these poisons get accumulated into several parts of the body such as -

  • The double chin,
  • Thick shoulders
  • Swollen ankles
Cellulite In Women
  • In case of women usually cellulite starts from their legs, which is not so in case of men.
  • In fact troubles in men due to cellulite is often less visible as compared to the women.
  • However cellulite affects the women in particular and that too at the prime of their lives.
The Connective Tissues
  • The connective tissues are the binding tissues of the body.
  • They bring food to the organs of the body through the agency of the lymphatic vessels and also carry away the remains of what they have consumed or used.
  • The connective tissues are known as 'Subcutaneous Cellular Tissues ' under the skin but elsewhere they are known as the 'Filler Tissues '.
Inflammation Of The Connective Tissues

Inflammation of the connective tissues is a major effect of the cellulite. However the process of cellulite is as follows -
  • The connective tissues fill with a lymph that contains the waste matter of the body.
  • This causes irritation to the tissues and leads to their contraction.
  • Then it fills with water, which is supplied by the body in order to dilute the poisoned lymph that is filled with waste matter.
  • And thus it relieves the irritation of the tissues.
  • If this process continues then the water thickens into the mucus, which in turn becomes semi-solid matter.
  • Finally this congests the tissues, which later become painful.
'Sclerosis ' or 'Atrophy '

Later there develops 'Sclerosis ' or 'Atrophy '.
  • The atrophy is the final stage in the evolution of all inflammatory conditions.
  • The irritation causes the tissues to contract, which blocks the usual drainage of the poisoned lymph.
  • And thus these toxic matters inflame the tissues.
What Causes Cellulite

People have long been wondering what causes cellulite. Here are several factors that favor the onset of this type of overweight, which is known as cellulite. Such factors include -

The fact is that a cellulitic mother often has a cellulitic daughter. But it is difficult to decide whether cellulite is transmitted directly or by liver or kidney defects, which is transmitted from mother to the daughter.

It is not always necessary that eating a lot lead to cellulite. One should develop the habit of eating in such a way that runs counter to the principles of healthy living.

Usually eating indigestible food causes cellulite such as -
  • Fatty pork meat,
  • Stews,
  • Sauces,
  • Fried foods and
  • Alcoholic drinks
It simply means that anything which first attacks the liver and when broken down brings in poison to the body is dangerous. The body is not able to destroy this poison and hence it is stored in the cellular lymph.

The poisonous foods and beverages such as alcohol must be avoided for the sake of a healthy body. Especially alcohol is considered a threefold factor in cellulite because it attacks at three basic defenses of the body at once -
  • The digestive system
  • The Nervous system and
  • The Kidney system
Sedentary Lifestyle
The poisons, which are accumulated in the form of organic waste matter, could be dealt in following two ways -
  • By rendering them harmless chemically in the digestive tract and
  • By burning them up.
The individual should exercise his muscles enough because it helps in producing complete combustion of the carbons sent by the body. And incomplete combustion of carbons begets toxins.

These poisons first enter the digestive system and after crossing this system they are driven into the cellular storehouse. But in case they have not been driven into the cellular storehouse then they stay in the general blood stream.

However at this stage the poison could be destroyed in two ways -

  • The kidneys could dispose them off if their concentration is not too strong.
  • They could be burnt-up by the oxygen in the body.
The oxygen can burn up the poisons at only two points -
  • The lungs and
  • The muscles
And for the purification it is necessary that these two work together.

It is noticeable that if the muscles work in a congested space, which is not oxygenated, then it does not burn the poisons well. But it causes incomplete oxidation and thus itself forms poisons such as the lactic acid.

This lactic acid spreads through the body and cause blockages, which further lead to fatigue.


An individual should prefer to do only moderate or sensible physical exercise rather than tiring himself up. He should not over exert himself.

City Life
Sophisticated city life of the people in modern times is also a major cause of cellulite.

So you can see that there are many factors that cause cellulite. But one thing that is quite evident from this article that the major cause of cellulite is bad lifestyle.


Cellulite is not as dangerous as is obesity. One can die of obesity but not of cellulite. The cellulite overweight does not bring the organic disorders that are usually caused by obesity. Still there are several ill effects of cellulite, which are given below -
  • Cellulite produces increasing unsightliness.
  • It also produces the deformity in which the lower the limbs assume such enormous proportions that the curves of knees and ankles almost disappear.
  • Cellulite gives rise to nervous pressure, which results in severe pain.
  • All these generally occur at night and therefore give rise to 'insomnia'.
  • This further contributes to the disorder of nervous system.
  • Ageing is another important factor of cellulite.
  • By the effect of cellulite even the young faces fade rapidly.
  • But their complexion is attractive and cheeks are rounded.
  • However it is noticeable that this roundness is a sign of swelling tissues rather than good health.
  • When this swelling of tissues collapses, it leaves wrinkles on the skin.


The cellulite is that kind of overweight, which affects certain limited parts of the body only, where as fatty & watery over weight affect large portion of the body.

Some authors often consider cellulite as a localized form of watery obesity.

But still cellulite could be separated on the basis of following considerations-
  • The causes of cellulit often co-exist with the causes of watery over weight.
  • When cellulite is present along with either of two others forms of obesity then cellulite should be treated separately & primarily.
  • In a woman the effects of cellulite are usually visible on the hips, the nape of her neck & in both the legs whereas the rest of the body remains unaffected.


'Cellulite' is such a problem that causes local and painful deformities which further leads to more problematic conditions for the individual. It is a common problem throughout the world and many people are its victim. However it is rarely considered as the sole factor in serious overweight. So the treatment of the problem of cellulite also requires a serious consideration.

Types Of Treatment Of Cellulite

There are several methods for the treatment of cellulite. They are one by one explained below -

1. Diet
Dieting is another form of treatment of cellulite. It is well known that proper diet helps people maintain their health so a little control on your food habits can help you get rid of cellulite.

2. Exercise
The habit of regular exercise is always helpful in keeping the health problems away. The same applies to the cellulite as well. Certain exercises are extremely beneficial in dealing with cellulite.

3. Massage
Body massage is yet another way of treating the cellulite. Giving a balanced and appropriate massage to the body can solve all your problems related to cellulite. So the massage is also an effective type of treatment of cellulite.

4. Breathing
Breathing might appear to be a very simple process but it needs to be done in a proper way in order to get the maximum benefit out of it. A little awareness about inhaling and exhaling the oxygen can help you keep away from the problem of cellulite.

5. Cellulite Natural Remedies And Cellulite Home Remedies
There are many natural home remedies through which you can get rid of cellulite. The best part is that all these remedies are natural and easy, which means no side effects.

6. Cellulite Removal Surgery
If you want a faster way to get rid of cellulite then go for the cellulite removal surgery. There are various surgery options available.

7. Cellulite Laser Treatment
Laser treatment is another form of option available for cellulite reduction. It is painless and very effective. But there are few points befor you go on for this kind of a option.

8. How Does Mesotherapy Work
Mesotherapy uses various medicines that are injected to the body suffering with cellulite. Read on for more information.

9. Rest & Relaxation
The activities like rest and relaxation are always considered good for human beings. And this is why these are often recommended for the people not only to treat cellulite but also to keep themselves energetic and motivated towards their goals.

10. Other Treatments
There are several other treatments also that are frequently recommended for treating the problem of cellulite. Though not very common but these are really very effective in practice.


Each one of us should follow the principle of judicious eating with low calorie content. The food taken in by the individual should be such that it is capable of making up for the normal wear and tear on the tissues of his/her body.

In fact the reserves of the vitality should not be spent only in neutralizing to toxins that are contained in certain foods because thus the overall benefit of the reserves are lost. This is why dieting plays a very significant role in treatment of cellulite.

The individuals who are cellulitic should avoid all the highly seasoned foods and for this it is important to know about the foods to be avoided as well as de positioning diet. There is special diet for cellulite that is recommended for the advantage of cellulitic people. And a complete cellulite diet plan page has also been prepared to guide you in this regard.
Principles Of Healthy Dieting
Health is wealth. And in order to maintain this health we should try to develop habit of healthy dieting. There are certain principles that can help you in developing such a habit.
  • The individual should eat meals at regular hours.
  • He should not eat between the meals.
  • He should always eat slowly.
  • While eating he should chew the food well.
  • He should try hard to eat in peace, away from noise.
  • He should relax completely during the meals.

Food To Avoid With Cellulite Treatment

A detailed list of foods, which should be avoided during anti cellulite treatment-
  • Fish, salted and preserved caviar, anchovies, sardines, cod, tunny, haddock
  • Oily fish like eels, mackerel, herring
  • Certain meats like foie gras, duck, goose, fatty pork meats, stews, guinea-fowl, high game, tripe
  • Shellfish like lobsters, crabs, crayfish, prawns, mussels, scallops
  • Vegetables like broad beans, split peas, soya
  • Fruit like all dried fruits
  • Milk products like strong cheese
  • Highly fermented cheese
  • Cooked butter
  • Confectionary
  • Fried foods
  • Condiments like mustard, pickles, garlic, spices, salt, pepper and all other spicy things
  • Drinks like coffee, tea and all alcoholic drinks
  • Tobacco like at the most two cigarettes a day


The physical exercise that an individual does, plays a very significant role in burning up the accumulated poisons in the body. Therefore the individual should sufficiently exercise his muscles in order to stop the body fluids becoming clogged. After all, all these help in making things easier for the body ' natural means of defense.

However it should also be kept in mind that too violent exercise causes ill effects on the body such as it -
  • Results in fatigue,
  • Increases the poisoning of the system and
  • Leads to opposite of the desired effects
At the beginning of the treatment of the cellulite usually two forms of physical activities are recommended that are
  • Walking and
  • Breathing
When it is the case of initial stage of the cellulite then what is required is plenty of fresh air and sufficiently active muscular life of the individual therefore walking is highly recommended.

But in case of confirmed cellulite, which has already been treated for three to four months, an individual can go for daily gentle exercises in addition to the walking and breathing exercises.
Open Air Walking
For the cellulitics specially recommended light exercise is - 'Open Air Walking '.

However for the severe cases of cellulitics it is advised that the individual should go for the open air walk, at first just once and later twice a day provided this does not cause him tiredness or pain.

For this exercise the individual should select the places like parks or gardens where there is fresh air.
Duration Of Walking
It is difficult to set a single rule of everyone because each one of us has different levels of stamina, resistance power and the will power.

However one should go as far and as quickly as gives an agreeable and refreshing walk with no tiredness.

Keep in mind that one should avoid reaching the limits.
The length of walk should be increased gradually as follows -
  • The first week - Five minutes
  • After a week - Half an hour
  • After a fortnight - Three-quarters of an hour
  • After three weeks - Twice a day
One should not wear high heel shoes during the walk.

Physical Training To Overcome Cellulite
The exercises simply compliment the treatment of any problem by enhancing and speeding up its effectiveness and they themselves do not cure the disease.
  • The physical training mentioned here should be undertaken by a confirmed cellulitic only after four months treatment.
  • These exercises help in restoring the tone of the muscles as well as preventing their re-thickening.
  • Initially the movements should be easy, which should later reach to intensity only when the patient is completely or almost completely cured.
  • The effects of this physical exercise could be directly visible at the customary cellulitic areas.
Purpose Of These Exercises
The main purpose of these exercises is to thin down the crucial points of cellulitic thickening such as the hips, waist, stomach and the lower limbs.
However this needs to be carried out with great discretion.
Instructions For The Exercise
The exercises should be followed step by step in accordance with the following instructions -
  • Little running steps until you are slightly out of breath.
  • Stand with arms stretched out in front of you at shoulder level and shoulder distance apart. Quickly cross your right arm over your left and then vice versa. Then stretch them to the sides and force them as far behind as you can. 20 to 25 times.
  • Arms stretched outwards to the sides, describe two large horizontal figures of eight with your fingertips. For the forward loops the arms should approach one another in front at the level of the chin. For the backward loops, they are carried as far back as possible. 20 to 30 times.
  • Swing one outstretched arm up vertically while the other remains down behind your body. Change over continuing without stopping at the end of each movement. 20 to 30 times.
  • Strike the back of the thighs or buttocks vigorously and rapidly with the heel. Take the knee of the bent leg as far back as possible, resting the hands against a wall. 30 to 35 times each leg.
  • Lie flat on the stomach. Lift each leg separately to the vertical. 20 times each leg.
  • Stand, legs wide apart. Sit on one heel bending the leg double. While keeping the buttocks close to the ground, swing over to the other leg and sit on the opposite heel. 20 to 25 times.
  • Kneel on the ground sitting on the heels, trunk leaning forward, arms stretched out forwards in line with the body. Swing the arms and trunk to the right in a semi-circular movement, then to the left, without stopping at the end of each movement and getting your chest down close to your knees. 20 to 25 times.
  • Lie flat on the back, arms stretched back on the floor in line with the body. Lift the legs over the head trying to touch the hands with the feet, and then lower them to the floor again. 20 to 25 times.
  • You should do these exercises as soon as you get out of bed in the morning.
  • Keep the windows of the place where you do exercise fully open or half open.
  • You should wear comfortable cloths at the time of exercise like the shorts.
  • You can wear a woolen pullover in the winters.
  • The exercises should be followed by a high-pressure cold shower.
  • A general alcohol rub could also be taken.
  • These exercises could be dangerous if not done carefully.
  • They should not produce any aches or pains.
  • If they do then you should stop them at once, as they are harmful.
  • Then you should go back to walking and gentle breathing exercises.

For the cure of cellulite sensible feeding, rest, proper breathing and massage are the vital pre requisites.

Careful and gentle massage that should be gradually increasing arouses sensation in the body.

Massage is capable of not only dispelling cellulite from the place to which it is applied but also cause it to disappear from the areas that have not yet been treated.
  • Techniques Of Massage
  • Self Massage Technique
  • Massage Routine


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