Monday, July 14, 2008

Indigo Smokey Eyes

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2008 Fall makeup trends Indigo Smoky Eyes. One of the hottest looks for the 2008 fall makeup scene are the indigo smoky eyes. We all know that the gray smoky eye look was hot for last fall but now its all about color. This fall its all about the sophisticated blend of blues and purples.

Steal This Look- How To Create Indigo Smokey Eyes

1. First line your inner rims of your lower lash lines with a black eye pencil.

2. Carefully line your lower lash lines with a purple eye shadow using a small brush. Then apply the same shade across your lids, blending the color up and over your creases.

3. Brush an iridescent blue shadow over the centers of your lids, and blend it up to just above your creases.

4. Finish your look by swiping back mascara on your top and bottom lashes. For sexy Indigo cat eyes extend your top like outerward and upward.

Hot Indigo Smokey Eye Looks

Smokey Eyes

“Smokey eyes” is sultry makeup that is sure to get you noticed and draw attention to any set of eyes. Dramatic and smokey eyes are very popular for fall 2007 and winter 2007 and winter 2008. Many of my readers are asking how they can achieve the perfect smokey eye look. So today you can learn exactly how to get hot smokey eyes with these tips, plus tips to stop your eye makeup from running. Every girls enemy is raccoon eyes.
One of my favorite celebrity smokey eyes is Nicole Scherzinger from the pussy cat dolls. Her smokey eyes always look flawless. She is a prime explame of perfect smokey eyes.

“Smokey Eye Tips”

1. Always start your smokey eyes or any eye makeup by applying foundation first. This helps prevent the racoon effect.

2. Next you want to begin with a sheer nude color all over your eye. Always pick a color closest to your natural shade, and begin putting the color all over from your lid to your brow bone.

3. Then you are going to apply either a plum or dark brown eyeshadow from your lid to your crease. (PLUM WORKS BEST ON LIGHTER COMPLEXIONS). Try to use a cream shadow since it smudges easier than powder. You can apply the color with your fingers or a makeup brush.

5. After that you’re going to line your entire eye with either a plum or dark color depending on your complexion. Darker complexions work very well with black and brown while lighter skin works better with plum. It all depends on how much attention you want with your smokey eye look. Line your eyes with the pencil color of your choice. For even more of a dramatic effect don’t forget to line your inner rims of you eye.

5. To really open your eyes use your eye curler to curl you eyelashes. To create even more of a curl blast the curler with the blow dryer for a few seconds, and then curl your lashes. Next use two to three coats of mascara.

6. For more sparkle add a silver shadow to the inner corners of your eyes.

Makeup tips to stop raccoon eyes

1. Always use a tissue folded in half right below your eye to catch any shadow that falls.

2. Use white translucent powder below the eyes and dust off after applying your eye makeup. This will also help catch any fallen shadow.

3. When you’re done applying your eye makeup use a concealer brush to clean up any. Take your brush and dab some foundation of loose powder under your eyes.

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