Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cheryl Cole wants fashion line

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Cheryl Cole is considering having her own fashion line.

The 'Fight for This Love' singer recently launched a shoe collection with website and says she enjoyed it so much, she would be happy to create her own range of clothes.

When asked if she'd like a fashion range, Cheryl told the Guardian newspaper: "Do you know what? I wouldn't rule it out, actually. I have loved designing these shoes. I haven't enjoyed a project so much in a long time. So, yes, it might be the start of something."

While she is often spotted out wearing high heels, the Girls Aloud beauty admits she always carries around a pair of flats so she can give her feet a rest.

She said: "I don't walk in heels all day. The key with high heels is to take them off any time you have the chance. And I always have a pair of scrunchie flatties with me, so I can change into those. When I was on 'The X Factor', I used to walk across the stage and then, as soon as I was sitting down at the judges' table and my feet were out of shot, I'd kick them off."

One style of footwear Cheryl would never wear is knee-high boots - because she thinks, at 5ft 3ins, she's too short to carry them off.

She said: "I'd take ankle boots every time. I think it's because I'm short, I can't do a knee boot."

taken from : China Daily

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