Saturday, September 17, 2011

Alexander McQueen Collection

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Showing a romantic collection was the idea that motivated Sara Burton to design such pretty resort collection for McQueen. All designs looked like an old glamour of English styled garments; especially those of evenings and occasions. The romantic unity that Sara showed was the main feature in this collection, and appealed much for the runway guests. Sara depended on black color as a main background for her evening wear, and used different grades of browns for other formal looks. The white, honey and olive color have also taken place, but not as master as the above mentioned two. They came as an enhancing factor to apply a different change in her color palette and give a bright charm for the formal looks.

Sara introduced all kinds of formal wear such as the tight pantsuits, the elegant formal, short dresses; the jacket dress style and the under knee skirts. As for the evening wear, satin fabrics were used widely with lace and leather besides a good choice of prints. A black leather, tight, front slit dress looked elegant for evening parties and the glamorous long dresses were decorated with embroidery and feathers. Sara’s creativity appeared in the English style prints that gave her collection a royal look, besides the very formal cuts that she showed clear in all of her designs.

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