Saturday, September 17, 2011

Antonio Berardi Collection 2012

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The resort collection of Antonio Berardi was a perfect style for a business woman. It didn’t include casual looks but instead; much femininity with a wide variety of formal business wear, cocktail dresses, formal dresses, evening dresses and women’s suits. The designer used plain fabrics in almost all designs; except for the evening dresses that came with taffeta handmade works on the breast. Also few designs of the business day wear came with paintbrush effects like the silk blouses, the short tight dresses and the sleeveless black suit.

A color palette of green, red, royal blue, orange, white and black was used for the plain colored pieces while other printed ones included colors such as light watermelon, light peach and baby pink. All colors and color combinations were showing much femininity in Antonio’s collection; a pretty creative change that he was always powerful in showing.

Most of the short dresses came in tight, over knee style to suit a business look, while a royal blue chiffon cocktail dress was a bit shorter with a plisse layering and opened back. The designer decided to use the black color only for evening dresses, then showed many short and long dresses in different designs including the long sleeved; and they all came with embroidery and handmade taffeta on the breast and shoulders.

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