Friday, October 30, 2009

'Sense of poetry' in Chinese designs

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'Sense of poetry' in Chinese designs

Omar Vulpinari, Vice-president of Lcograda, says Chinese Designers will play a major role in creating the beat works.

The world of design is looking to Chinese designers for fresh concepts and ideas, says Omar Vulpinari, vice-president of Icograda (International Council of Graphic Design Associations) at the World Design Congress 2009 in Beijing.

"Five years ago, we looked to works by designers in North America and Europe, but now there is a shift to the rest of the world. Chinese designers, of course, will play a major role in creating the best works," Vulpinari says.

As a frequent juror at major international design events, he is impressed by the quantity and quality of Chinese design projects seen in recent years.

He attributes this rise to the nation's economic development and its continuing inspiration to designers. "Chinese society is changing at a fast pace and there is a sense of poetry in their (designers') works. That subtle emotional expression differs a lot from their Western counterparts who are direct and abstract." Vulpinari adds that Western designers are good at directly expressing their feelings and they choose to do this in an abstract way.

Given that there are 1 million design students scattered across the country, Vulpinari sees a promising future for Chinese design. He is also the head of Visual Communication at Fabrica, the communication research center of Benetton.

Fabrica has gathered 40 young and modern artists from all around the world to develop innovative projects. It has already produced leading design talents such as Chen Jiaojiao, chief editor for the Chinese design magazine Outlook (Xinshijie) and Peng Yangjun, the creative director for the same magazine.

"I hope more Chinese designers will pass our selection process and become members of our talent incubator. The diversity will help foster mutual learning," he says.

Impressed with Chinese designers, Vulpinari says they are willing to merge, to be trained at the highest level and to work hard. They are also ambitious about making a global impact.

He says the world of design is looking at China not just for talents, but also for inspiration. His center invited Western designers to translate their perception of China into graphics in 2004 and the center's magazine, Colors, released a whole edition on China last year.

"We can't ignore the rise of China and we present our ideas through our works. Our awareness of the difference between our own countries and China is highlighted and I think it shows our respect," Vulpinari says.

taken from : China Daily

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