Thursday, December 29, 2011

What you need to do to sleep well?

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Good sleep - is the key to not only health, but also beauty.

Health and beauty must go to bed no later than 10 pm and get up before 8 am. In any case, must sleep at least eight hours.

Let's talk about prosaic lack of sleep. "Chronic sleep deprivation (sleep less than 7 hours per day) disrupts the immune system, but also made it difficult for skin cells - the known dermatologist Dr Nick Lowe. - More research papers confirm the fact that sleep deprivation leads to premature skin aging. " Other studies have shown a dependence of the lack of sleep and increase the level of "stress hormone" cortisol. High levels of this hormone affects the production of collagen, which, respectively, not the best way affects the state of our skin. Sleep problems - this is a problem with food. Tired people are not focusing on the choice of foods or products.

Sleep problems - this is a problem with weight. Our biological clock affect our rhythm of life. And when night falls, they send the body to signal that you should sleep, and when a light is a signal for active work. When we do not sleep at night, we feel hungry and start eating that leads to overweight.

To improve sleep, you can resort to aromatherapy sachet to buy bedding, pillows and spray all kinds of oil. After a good sleep - the guarantee of health and beauty. And who knows, maybe you wake up in the kiss of a prince who has traveled around the world in search of his princess.

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