Friday, May 22, 2009

Bleach baths cure rashes

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Letting children bathe for 10 minutes twice a week in a warm bath with bleach is a simple and effective way to fight chronic rashes, say US researchers.

Bleach baths cure rashes

The treatment was tested on 31 children and youths and the result was positive in two ways: Their skin drastically improved and the number of repeat episodes dropped, according to Amy Paller, professor of paediatrics at the University of Chicago.

Seventeen percent of school age children in the United States suffer from neurodermatitis, according to a report in the trade magazine Paediatrics. In severe cases the rash itches so badly that youths scratch their skin raw and infection sets in.

Bleach does just as well as antibiotics in killing bacteria on the infected skin. However, unlike antibiotics, which are commonly prescribed as a treatment for neurodermatitis, patients do not develop a resistance to it.

taken from : China Daily

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