Thursday, April 16, 2009

Join the Barbie's birthday bash in May!

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Join the Barbie's birthday bash in May!

Always as a global girl, the world most famous face, 'Barbie' celebrates her 50th anniversary globally. The fashion icon will throw a grand birthday bash at Beijing's China Century Monument this upcoming Labor Day holiday in May.

By the time, Chinese fans of Barbie will be able to see a big display of about 2000 Barbie dolls from 139 collections including Princess, Wedding, Holiday angel and Hollywood series.

As a reflection of fashion trend, pop culture and aspirations, Barbie, though 50 years old is still looking good and going strong.

Introduced to China just nine years ago, Barbie has appealed not only to Chinese kids but also adults who are well into their 20s. Despite a slump in global sales last year, the Chinese market is still lucrative and in March Mattel opened its first Barbie flagship store in Shanghai.

But many people in China don't know this fashion girl beyond her pretty image and signature pink. So the exhibition will be a good chance to walk closer to the adorable beauty.

Many other services under the Barbie brand will also roll out during the event.

taken from : China Daily

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